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Only Money Order to Postman

We only cash money order. If you can not buy money order from postman, just wait to pick it up in your local USPS office.

Every USPS office can sell you money order. The Money Order is bought by cash or debit card, and you can not buy money order by check or credit card.

Please let the postman write the payee name in front of you.

We have three payee name so please wait till postman tell you the payee name.

If you have paid a single check to us, you are not our customer any more. I will not answer any email from you.

The warehouses will not cash any check. Bounced checks will ruin our business.

Thank you for your understanding.


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  1. Fractal

    If you pay the postman cash, he will always write out a Money Order. I asked my postman about this. Also on the USPS site:
    “in case the fee is in the cash mode, you will be sent a USPS money order equivalent to the value of the amount.“

    The only way the postman would send a check is if a customer gives him a check. Cash=MO says USPS.