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USPS Money Orders

We only accept Money order.

USPS Money order are preferred.

For how to get your USPS Money order, please check USPS link.

Sending Money Orders

Please let the postman write down the payee name in front of you. The USPS guy will have the package of payee name, the prices, and the mailing address of the warehouses.

Please remember we do not accept any kinds of checks. One single bounced check will ruin our business.

If you paid check to postman, we will not deposit your check. What we can do is to put your name into blacklist and never do business with you.

Thank you for your understanding



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  1. PatientCantOrder

    So do you mean for CASH on delivery you don’t take cash? Only a money order that was bought at a post office before?

    Cause I always paid cash, that’s what COD is. Can you explain the difference receiving payment? It should be the same if no checks. And I never would write a check to Any mail, never have. You know this 100%. But if you ONLY take premade MO, I don’t understand. Please explain.

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