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USPS Money Orders

We only accept Money order.

USPS Money order are preferred.

For how to get your USPS Money order, please check USPS link.

Sending Money Orders

Please let the postman write down the payee name in front of you. The USPS guy will have the package of payee name, the prices, and the mailing address of the warehouses.

Please remember we do not accept any kinds of checks. One single bounced check will ruin our business.

If you paid check to postman, we will not deposit your check. What we can do is to put your name into blacklist and never do business with you.

Thank you for your understanding



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  1. PatientCantOrder

    So do you mean for CASH on delivery you don’t take cash? Only a money order that was bought at a post office before?

    Cause I always paid cash, that’s what COD is. Can you explain the difference receiving payment? It should be the same if no checks. And I never would write a check to Any mail, never have. You know this 100%. But if you ONLY take premade MO, I don’t understand. Please explain.

  2. Steve

    Hey Bren,

    Please contact our email. Normally we check every single email and reply all emails.

    If we did not answer your email after you have contacted us, it means that you have sent us a check and we have blacklisted you.

    Blacklisted customer’s email was marked as read and deleted and never reach us.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Steve

    You can just click the order link to place your order. But if you want to order 400mg Gabapentin you can not order 800mg Gabapentin at the same time. Please count the refill day limitation.

  4. Anonymous

    Is this company still in business? They have not been fulfilling orders. I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem. In the meantime, I will try to find another reliable pharmacy. I have been ordering through them because I don’t want to deal with all the insurance issues.

  5. Nanotte

    Is this company still in business? I placed two orders that they have not fulfilled. I have been ordering from them because I do not want to deal with all the insurance issues. I want to get my medication when I need it. But I am now wondering if I need to find a different online pharmacy channel.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  6. Steve

    YES, We are still in business. We keep strict blacklist and we never ship package to the people who have paid us checks. We never cash checks. W5 missed some order last week but all are normal now.

  7. Danielle

    I have sent an email requesting the new card pharmacy url but never got a reply. I tried placing an order for COD but I don’t know if it went through. My last order I paid MO from post office because the new card pharm wasn’t ready.

  8. Steve

    Our card pharm is not working. I will tell you when it begins shipping. Card pharm is very hard to operate.

  9. Jen

    If I purchase a money order do I give the money order directly to my carrier? How do I find the address to fill in on the money order?

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