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Fioricet Customer Reviews

Fioricet contains a combination of acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and fever reducer. Butalbital is in a group of drugs called barbiturates. It relaxes muscle contractions involved in a tension headache. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It relaxes muscle contractions in blood vessels to improve blood flow.

Fioricet is used to treat tension headaches that are caused by muscle contractions.

Fioricet may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Please Write Down your reviews about Fioricet !

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  1. Wmkessler

    Fioricet is my savior on migraine days and USAheathstore always comes through. If you suffer from migraines or tension headaches USAheathstore are a great relief. Fast shipping, reliable, and they always come through. If you’re reluctant or haven’t ordered before, you have nothing to worry about with USAheathstore! 5 STARS!


    Steve. 100% trust in ur company. I have been with u for quite a long time. I love dealing with ur company, ur prices are great, fast service, love COD and now new credit card option. I am one of ur old customer. I had ran into a problem. Steve took the time and care to help me get it straighten out. I am 100% percent so very grateful for Steve and his hard work and caring. I will be will forever be staying with u for another very very very long time. Steve and company “ARE THE BEST THERE IS”… THANK U STEVE…

  3. Terry Damron

    Steve. I have a 100% trust in Steve and ur company. I have been with u for quite a long time. I love dealing with ur company, ur prices are great, fast service, love COD and now new credit card option. I am one of ur very old customers. I had ran into a problem and Steve took the time n trouble and cared to help me. Steve got it straighten out for me. I am 100% percent so very grateful for Steve’s helping me n his work and his caring. I will be forever staying with u another very, very, long time to come. Steve and company “ARE THE BEST THAT THERE IS”… THANKS TO UR COMP. AND TO STEVE…

  4. Lynnette Hardin

    I am a first time customer with you and all I want to know is if you got my order and if you ship to Alaska. Thank you for your time.

  5. Steve

    We have several pharms in our network. Some pharm can ship to AK but some cannot ship to AK. I have received your order and sent to the pharm that can ship to AK. First time customer must reply a welcome email from us, and check whether their address is in USPS address system or not. First customers must have taken Fioricet before.

    The USPS URL :

  6. Chasity Hakmeh

    Steve. I placed a order a few days ago. Can you tell me if it was received. I have not received a response back from you yet. Do I need to reorder on the website?

  7. usahealthstore

    Hey, Chasity Hakmeh

    Your order was shipped and there is a holiday delay. If you have any order tracking ID question, please contact our email.

    Email will be answered everyday.

  8. Vance Hodge

    Steve I’ve placed an order 12 days ago and have emailed and haven’t heard back. I haven’t gotten any tracking info. I’m worried because I want to be here and have already bought a M/O. Please help.

  9. usahealthstore

    Hey Vance Hodge,

    W2 didnot place your order. Can I place your order into w5 ?

    It would be much faster if you can contact us by email.

  10. gary

    I have suffered from migraines for several years. I finally spoke to my doctor, and she prescribed Foriciet. It is the only medication that works for my migraines. It makes me drowsy. I usually sleep for a couple of hours, when I wake up, the migraine is gone. I’d highly recommend it!



    I was originally very happy with the medicine, as I have suffered from migraines for 13+ years, and one dose of Fioricet(generic) minimized pain and allowed me to function. However, the second day of use, I needed another dose for a rebound headache. I also began to get some sleeplessness. By day 3, my headaches were cured by taking one dose, but I am unable to sleep more than a few minutes at a time. I will continue to use Fioricet, but I fear the sleep deprivation will cause more problems

  12. Migraines w/Aura/Tension/Severe DDD

    I was given Fioricet after a ER trip by ambulance . Thought I was having a stroke. Vision lose and 30 minutes later a horrible headache came on.Diagnosed with a migraines with aura. Been in the ER every 6 months almost since then due to migraines with auras and was always given fiorecet. This is a great medicine! It works with no side effects. I now have a general DR. that refuses these. Even when I told him that the 20 pills from the ER every 6 months or so is all I go through! 20 pills in that long amount of time and he still refuses, says he is not that kind of doctor!! ?? He has prescribed maxalt, visteril,imitrex-didn’t work. He then referred me to a neuro. I went to see the neuro,brought my pills with me and he said .. “he’s not that kind of doctor”!!?? I was in tears. He has prescribed me Gabapentin , baclafen. Topamax , zanaflex and amitriptaline. Lots of side effects. Recently,he listened to me, but I think only because 20 pills last me. He was reluctant, but prescribed them. 20 pills,no refills for 4 mths I’m grateful for even that because these do work. It’s a shame pills taken on a daily basis, all in the name of “prevention” is better to them instead of a pill to cure once and as needed. People abuse drugs but we all do not need to be penalized for it. Just because”He is not that kind of doctor” ..doesn’t mean “I am that kind of patient”!! Good luck to everyone.

  13. Stephanie Pence

    I am concerned on how to pay USPS with a COD. I would prefer to use my credit card. As a 1st time customer is that an option?

    Thank you,


  14. NB

    This company is 100% professional & straight up. No BS or getting jacked around. Any adverse issues are resolved in timely fashion. Trustworthy & competent – which is more than can be said for “the others”.

  15. Maria Apohen

    Steve. I place a order for fioricet and i get email saying that the payment was declined. That’s the second time happens. I have tried to contact you since I’m an older customer and I never had a problem with my credit cards. Please replay to me to let me know what’s going on? Appreciate your response

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