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New Customers Must Know

Thank you for your order..

Since this is the first time you’ve ordered from us, we want to confirm that you will be able to pick up this Cash on Delivery (COD) order. All our Pharmacies and Doctors are all US licensed.

We will send you tracking ID within 2 business days along with prescription after your confirmation mail.

*Orders must be picked up on time and the mailman must be paid by cash or Debit card. We do not accept Personal Check. *

Your order will be processed right after you place your order. If you’re unsuccessful in picking up your first order, we will not be able to fill any subsequent prescription for you.

If you want to receive our newsletter, then kindly avoid using hotmail, outlook mails.

clicking “place order now” button means you understand all above information.



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  1. Mark Holbrook

    Yes, I expect to have my order by the 29th -30th I will have the cash then. If it comes a day early then I will be screwed, Hope it takes 5-7 days not 4’s all.

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