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20 days wait, no answers. YES I pay with MO, always

Title says it all. I can’t seem to get a refill. Didn’t break any rules, always paid on time. For years. Why? Can I get my one package please? Nearly a month and nothing, after trying ALL the warehouses eventually. I’m just waiting to see if NJ answers. If not, there’s nothing I can do.

Steve, please fix this, you can look and see I never did anything wrong. I wouldnt want to push away this service, so I ALWAYS paid with MO, on time, everything. For YEARS. Now no one answers from USAhealth, W5 is my last hope for this.


  1. Steve

    I did not find your order per this message. You can contact me my email to find it.

    Our W1 and W2 websites have problems to send emails to the doctors. We found that a lot of orders are not delivered correctly.

    We have fix the situation and the problems are solved.

  2. Fractal

    Check your email. I replied to the very first W1 order so you can see it. I also placed a new one so they definitely see it. W5 still nothing. It’s sad because W5 was the most convenient for me, and one day they just stop answering. All MO. Always.