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Why Have You Changed Your Customer Only Website URLs ?

All the websites in your refill reminder email are OK to refill.

We have changed the customer only website URL because some email providers block prescription names.



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  1. SUSAN Moore

    I refill my meds every month. Ordered my refill for Generic fioricet white180 tablet (239.00) on 10/24/21. I have never received tracking number or ID. They always approve it from Barker Texas. I have always paid when I received them. Always COD!!! Please help me as to why this is happening. Usually tracking number within by 2 days. Nothing has changed with my info

  2. Steve

    The most possible reason is that you refill too soon.

    I found w1 sent you orders on Nov 3, 2021.

    Please never pay check to postman. The pharm does not cash any personnel check.

    They only cash Money Order.