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We do not accept new Gabapentin customers at this time

We do not accept new Gabapentin customers at this time.

If you are returned customers but placed your order in new customer websites, please be patient for the delay.


  1. Fractal

    I got gaba before, but no W answers me anymore. I messaged many times. If it’s exactly 1x a month, can I get my package? I don’t want any more than that. Just sometimes USPS is very slow so I order early.

    If there’s no way, let me know, and that’s it.

  2. Steve

    Please contact our email to ask the specific questions.

    If our email does not answer your question, It means that you have sent check to the USPS guys and we are not going to do business with you any more.

    If you have not sent a check to postman, please list never gave check to postman in the subject.

    We never accept check and we never cash any check.

    We will lose more than 250 USD if you gave a check to postman.