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Waiting 8 days for any kind of shipping notice (yes checked spam)

I got the automatic message 8 days ago and have been waiting for your tracking message or any sign of shipping. Please get back to me, thanks Steve!

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  1. Steve

    All orders are shipped normally at this time.

    If you ordered in returned customer only websites, all COD orders will be shipped next business day.

    If you can not receive tracking information within three business days, it must have a problem. Normally the data entry guy forgot it or you have paid postman a check.

    I found W1 have sent you order the next day you have placed order. Please order in W1 in the future.

    Never pay postman a check.

    Blacklist is beyond our control, only the warehouse accounting guys have it.

    Please contact us by email in the future about the delivery topic.

  2. Fractal

    I paid for every order I ever placed with MO, and only one warehouse doesn’t respond, I emailed you about it. But thanks. I should not be on any blacklist though because I always pay pay cash and postman writes MO

  3. SUSAN Moore

    Returning patient. Have waited for 9 days for tracking Number &ID. It’s not in SPAM. I’ve always paid COD every time. Please HELP.

  4. Christopher Strader

    My order tracking number has said “shipping label created” for 8 days (since Nov 22). I am a loyal returning customer who pays correctly with a money order every time. I have emailed you several times with no response. I desperately need my order. Do I reorder???? How do I get it here as soon as possible??