Gabapentin Can be used to prevent Migraine

Neurontin® (Gabapentin ) is another Epilepsy medication that is being used as an effective preventive or prophylactic Migraine regiment. As Migraine and Epilepsy are Related diseases, this is actually a sound approach. Neurontin® is an antiepileptic drug, prescribed as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial seizures with and without secondary generalization in patients over 12 years of age with epilepsy. Neurontin is also indicated as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial seizures in pediatric patients age 3-12 years.. It is typically added to the treatment regimen when other drugs fail to fully control a patient’s attacks.

Gabapentin is quite effective in the treatment of cluster and chronic daily headaches. Most people achieve the reduction of headache frequency within 1-2 weeks.


In one study, eight patients with intractable cluster headache were headache-free at a maximum of 8 days after starting gabapentin at the daily dose of 900 mg4. Patients with the episodic type remained headache-free at 3 months after discontinuation of therapy. Patients with chronic cluster were headache-free during the 4 months after initiation of treatment while taking this medication.

The longest period of being continuously headache free on gabapentin was 18 months.

Gabapentin is used for migraine prevention and treatment. It reduces the frequency of headaches, pain intensity, and the use of symptomatic medications. Gabapentin is a good preventive therapy for migraines refractory to other medications.

The double-blind study of 143 patients evaluated gabapentin for migraine prophylaxis. After 3 months the patients taking gabapentin had a reduction of the migraine frequency by 1.5 migraines per month (or by 35.7%) compared with a reduction of 0.6 migraines per month for the placebo group. Also, gabapentin reduced the headache frequency by 50% or greater in 45% patients compared with only 16% patients on placebo.

Gabapentin dosage: 1,200 mg to 2,400 mg per day divided in three doses.

Gabapentin is an effective prophylactic agent for patients with migraine. In addition, gabapentin appears generally well tolerated with mild to moderate somnolence and dizziness.

Gabapentin For Pain

Gabapentin is off label used for treatment of nerve pain not all kinds of pains. 65% patients think it is effective for pain but as high as 35% think it doesnot work.

bubba smith Reviewed it very good for nerve pain:

“I have severe spine damage. t7 t8 and disc in between basically gone, nerve pain unbelievable. I tried lyrica in large dose and no relief.

Then one doctor said some meds don’t work on some but do on others you just have to get the correct one. So I tried gabapentin and to me it was a life saver, within 3 days the pain was gone or close to gone. 1800 mgs a day ( 6x300mg) plus 40 mg of oxyneo (4x10mg) which is oxycodone time release formula.

The pain specialist say maybe more dose needed but I can’t function properly. That is my minimum dose even drop 1 pill out of them amounts I can feel the difference in pain.

The side effects to me are , tiredness, constipation, memory, blurred vision, moody, seems heat and humid days if outside I get really disoriented so I stay inside”

But a Anonymous guy reviewed it not good for Knee Pain:

“My Husband was given this medication due to suffering long term knee pain. He took it for approx 6 weeks max and had to stop.

The most awful side effects you can imagine for the whole time blighted him.  Maybe he was just unlucky and this med didn’t suit him but it’s Cons certainly outweighed its Pros in his case.

Weight gain Excess gas Dizzyness Nausea Vomiting Diarrhoea Headaches…… Not a good one for him at all. UK Based.”

Because I am a recovering alcoholic it is crucial for me to find non-narcotic treatment for the persevering pain of my chronic pancreatitis.

I was feeling a bit hopeless with the repeated prescriptions of pain meds (which of course offer only temporary relief, and for me a danger of over-use), until my GI prescribed me Gabapentin.

This med has been incredibly successful in mitigating my pain, while also giving me huge energy (I’m a consistent runner so this factor is welcomed), and allowing me to move forward with my sobriety.

I give it four stars, though I realize like anything, it’s not for everyone. That said, good luck to you all with finding what works.


Gabapentin For Restless Legs Syndrome

I have suffered with RLS for pretty much my entire life, I’m 55 now. Discovered gabapentin reading blog posts.

I have tried all the other meds. My RLS was getting so bad I was having a lot of episodes during the day and not just at night, but worse at night. I could not sit still to even look at a newspaper or magazine. There were time I actually thought I was going to go completely insane.

Most night I didn’t sleep more than an hour or two. Even then I was not getting a good deep sleep. When I asked my GP about gabapentin, he had no problem prescribing it for me. He even followed recommendation for the dosage.

I take 100mg in the morning and at lunch. Before bedtime I take 200 mg.. All I can say is that this has been a godsend for me.

One of Gabapentin off-label use is to treat Restless Legs Syndrome. 76% patients think Gabapentin is good for RLS. A lot of doctors also recommend its off-label usage for RLS.

Joge siad: “I have had RLS and insomnia since around age nine. I was 1st prescribed gabapentin after herniating a disc three years ago. Didn’t notice any effect on my RLS, but I was so drugged up, I wouldn’t have. I was prescribed it again as a sleep aid two months ago.

I have been taking lorazepam for sleep for years, and wasn’t thrilled about taking 2mg of a benzo every night. It works great for sleep, but I feel hung over the next day — can’t seem to clear the fog. I ran out of gabapentin and noticed, holy cow, my legs are driving me crazy.

Only then did it occur to me – – I hadn’t had any RLS symptoms since I started taking it. I thought I had made a major discovery. LOL. This is the only drug that has ever touched my RLS.”


Who can not buy gabapentin Online

You can not buy gabapentin online if you have following health conditions:

1. kidney disease;
2. liver disease;
3. heart disease; or
4. (for patients with RLS) if you are a day sleeper or work a night shift.
5. being pregnant;
6. breast-feeding a baby;
7. Having suicide thoughts.

It does not mean you cannot take gabapentin. If you have above health conditions, you must go to your local street doctor and let the doctor have your health checked.

What serious side effects may happen if I stop taking Gabapentin and How to treat Gabapentin Withdrawal

Both those who abuse gabapentin and those who take it as prescribed can experience some form of withdrawal when the drug is stopped. Research shows that someone taking gabapentin for as little as 3 weeks, and at doses as low as 400 mg a day, may experience withdrawal.

Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms are similar to those associated with benzodiazepine and alcohol withdrawal and vary from mild to life-threatening. 

The following are withdrawal symptoms one might experience if they stop taking gabapentin abruptly: 

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Headache
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Fever
  • Hallucinations
  • Rapid heart rate or heart palpitations
  • Catatonia or inability to move
  • Status epilepticus – a condition where seizures occur one after another (can be fatal)

A physician or medical professionals at a detox facility can safely manage these symptoms.

Several levels of gabapentin withdrawal and abuse treatment are available, and hundreds of facilities throughout the country offer each level of care. The levels of care include:

  • Detox – Gabapentin detox centers specialize in helping people through the acute phase of substance withdrawal. People are supervised around the clock and receive medical and psychiatric attention. Ongoing substance abuse therapy is not the focus at this stage. But the staff will help arrange continued care at another facility following detox. Programs will typically last 3-10 days.
  • Inpatient treatment – Inpatient or residential treatment facilities also provide around-the-clock supervision and care. People meet with psychiatrists, medical doctors, and therapists on a regular basis. Additionally, they may receive individual, group, family, couples, nutritional, and recreational therapy. Inpatient facilities provide a safe place to recover from addiction and focus on mental, behavioral, and lifestyle changes that contribute to long-term recovery. Program lengths typically start at 28 days and can continue for months.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) – PHPs and IOPs typically take place at psychiatric centers, hospitals, or private practices and primarily focus on group therapy. These programs may also provide weekly family sessions or individual sessions as needed. Many PHPs will include medication management, but IOPs often expect that people have outside providers managing any medications.
  • Individual therapy – Individual therapy can be helpful for learning ways to cope with chronic pain and to help work through issues driving drug abuse.
At this time, no medications have been approved for gabapentin withdrawal treatment. However, physicians may prescribe medications for some of the more uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal.
Your dose of gabapentin may be tapered down over a period of a week to several months to reduce withdrawal symptoms and to avoid complications associated with stopping gabapentin rapidly.

Who Can not Buy Gabapentin On line

Gabapentin is very effective for all kinds of Nerve Pain. But some people are not allowed to Buy Gabapentin online:

1. If you have narcotic medications abuse history, you are not allowed to take tramadol.
2. If you have liver or kidney disease, you are not allowed to order tramadol on line;
3. If you have a stomach disorder, you are not allowed to order tramadol on line;
4. If you are pregnant, you are not allowed to buy tramadol on line;
5. If you have mental illness, you are not allowed to buy tramadol on line;
6. If you have suicide attempt, you are not allowed to buy tramadol on line;
7. If you have alcohol addiction history, you are not allowed to buy tramadol on line;

Gabapentin are not allowed to take at some time, and you are not allowed to take Gabapentin:

1. If you take alcohol in the past few hours;
2. If you take sedatives in the past few hours;
3. If you take stranquilizers in the past few hours;
4. If you take narcotic medications in the past few hours;

Health Questionnaires about Ordering Gabapentin, Ordering Fioricet Online

What your doctors and your pharmacists want to know about your health questionnaires when you buy Gabapentin, buy fioricet online.

The Doctors and pharmacists need know yours:

1. Male, or Female;

2. Height;

3. Weight;

4. Do you currently have a primary Care physican?

5. Your Date of Birth;

6. Please list anything in your medical history that you think might be relevant;

7. Your family medical history;

8. Have you did physical exam in past 12 months;

9. Is your personal health care practitioner knows that you are requestioning this medicine ?

10. Have you taken this medicine before;

11. Do you have some seasonal allergies;

12. All medical condition requesting you to take this medicine

13. What medicines you are having allergy to;

14. Do you have any medical problems;

15. Are you currently treatment any health problems;

16. Do you have high blood pressure ?


17. List all prescriptions you are currently taking;

18. List all OTC medicines you are currently taking;

19. For women, If you are pregnant or you want to be pregnant.

Please be honest to complete the website health questionnaire form. The doctors and pharmacists will review your orders according to the information you provide here. And you must agree that you will never overdose your prescription.

If you have over-dosage, or drunk addictive, drug addictive history, please do not order prescription online.